Switzerland’s largest city, capital of the canton of the same name / January 1, 1519, Zwingli began his ministry / 1523 disputation / 1524 prohibition of images and removal / 1525-1526 sermon-oriented worship instead of sacrifice of the mass / 1531 Zurich Bible / 1549 agreement between Bullinger and Calvin with Consensus Tigurinus / 1566 Bullinger’s Confessio Helvetica Posterior / Great Minster was center of activity for Zwingli (1519-1531) and Bullinger (1531-75), with the Prophezey for educational work (martyria) and Helferey for work of compassion (diakonia) / St. Peter was center of activity for the Zurich reformer Leo Jud 1523-1542, nave rebuilt in 1705 as an Reformed enlightened sermon hall / students there have included Brunner, Bührig, Caprez-Roffler, Fries, Genatsch, Gutknecht, Haller, Honegger, Lavater, Ostervald, Schweizer, Vogt / Bullinger, Brunner, Froschauer, Gutknecht, Jud, A. Keller, G. Keller, Lavater, Ragaz, Schweizer, Vermigli, and Zwingli were all active there

Photo: flickr/Hagens_world