French poet and theologian, also known as Théodore de Bèze / 1519-1605 / born in Vézelay as the son of a well-off rural governor / 1528 began education in Orléans and introduced to Protestantism / writer of Latin poetry in Paris / carefree life of a Latin-language poet in Paris / 1548 crisis, joined Cal­vin in Geneva, conversion, marriage, and start of Reformation work / Geneva’s representative at the disputations in Poissy 1561, Mont­béliard 1586 / 1559 director of the Académie, the first Reformed university, founding of the Geneva University, following the model of schools in Mont­auban and Herborn / 1564 successor to Calvin / 1605 death in Geneva / theological writings / 101 hymns in the Genevan Psalter / one of four figures depicted on Geneva’s Reformation Wall