For Calvin, connected with the idea of God as creator: in his act of creation, each individual creature endowed with particular gifts / predestination is as a matter of principle a positive gift: from the ant to the Nobel laureate / worship in the everyday world is the development of specific gifts in one’s work / for the first time at the Dordrecht Synod 1618-19: instrumental use of predestination as a check on who was predestined by God for good or evil / it has ever since been a poisonous doctrine as conclusions can then be drawn about people’s actions being reflected in their fate, which is neither Protestant nor humanly possible / Max Weber 1904-05 used this as the basis of his only partially correct idea that Reformed Christians boosted the advent of capitalism, with profits serving as proof of being chosen for good; this has recently become popular in the form of the Prosperity Gospel / as reconceived by Barth: God elects people for his grace in Christ

Photo: flickr/Nicolas Raymond