German pastor and martyr / 1897-1939 / son of a pastor in the Huns­rück Mountains / 1915-18 military service in war, Battle of Verdun / 1918-22 studied in Giessen, Mar­burg, Tübingen / 1923-24 city mission in Berlin / pastoral ministry 1925-26 in Essen, 1926-34 in Hochelheim, 1934-39 in Diec­kenschied / 1933 refused to have bells rung to mark the new Nazi-dominated Reichstag, 1934 refused Nazi honors for a deceased Hitler Youth, 1935 read the Church Letter against Racist Neo-Paganism, 1936 refusal to take part in the sham elections, 1937 church discipline levelled against pro-regime Deut­sche Christen in the parish / from 1934 Member of the oppositional Confessing Church / 1937-39 at Buchenwald Concentration Camp, murdered there by poison / known as the Preacher of Buchenwald, since he called from his cell over and over: I am the resurrection and the life (John 11:25)