Free imperial city in Upper Swabia, Germany / January 2-7, 1525 Memmingen Disputation with Christoph Schappeler: born in St. Gallen, a friend of Zwingli, co-president at the Zurich Disputation, preacher in Memmingen / March 8, 1525 insurrection of 50 representatives of rebelling peasants, led by Sebastian Lotzer / founding of the Upper Swabian Confederation following the Swiss example / the Twelve Articles served as a polemic with a preface by Schappeler / as a pamphlet soon with 28 printings between Strasbourg and Breslau, Zurich and Magdeburg / raised to status of manifesto of the German Peasants’ War 1524-26 / Thomas Müntzer was leader of peasants (1489-1525) / 1530 Confessio Tetrapolitana of the Reformed cities of Strasbourg, Constance, Lindau, and Memmingen as an alternative to the Confessio Augustana / from 1531 Lutheran

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Dr. Volkmar Rudolf