Alsatian theologian and reformer / 1491-1551 / born in Schlettstadt-Sélestat / 1496-1521 Dominican / 1518 meeting with Luther / 1523 papal and imperial bans, asylum in the Free Imperial City of Strasbourg / from 1524 with Capito and Zell, Reformer of Alsace / 1529 Strasbourg’s representative at the Disputation in Marburg / 1530 composition of the Confessio Tetrapolitana of the Free Cities of Strasbourg, Constance, Memmingen, and Lindau as an alternative to the Lutherans’ Confes­sio Augustana / inventor of the Confirmation, first established in the Ziegenhainer Zuchtordnung, 1539 by appointment of Landgrave Philipp I of Hesse (confirmation in Zurich only from 1834)