English philosopher and theologian, Doctor evangelicus / 1330-84 / 1365-67 head of Canterbury College / 1367-84 pastor of three congregations / 1372-80 publications, in which he denied the Vatican’s claim to worldly power, with power lying instead with God and the church being subordinate to the state / in his main work, the Trialogus, he attacked the veneration of saints, auricular confessions, celibacy, and the doctrine of transubstantiation / trained itinerant preachers with early Protestant views / 1412 in London: 267 of his teachings declared heretical / from 1414, strong influence on Jan Hus and the Bohemian Reformation via Hieronymus of Prague / 1415 Condemnation of another 45 of his teachings at the Council of Constance, declared a heretic, burning of all his writings / 1428 disinterment and burning of his remains