Swiss educator and social reformer / 1746-1827 / grandson of the pastor in Höngg, near Zurich at the time / 1751-65 Latin school, 1765-67 studied theology and law in Zurich / 1767-68 left to learn farming in Kirchberg near Bern / 1769 marriage, 1770 birth of his son Hans Jakob, named for Rousseau and raised according to the ideas of his book Emile of 1762, tragic failure of pedagogical idealism / took on 40 children from 1773-79; tragic failure of economic idealism / 1780-1800 writing, publications,1787 Lienhard und Ger­trud / 1800 founding of an educational institute in Burgdorf, 1804 move to Yver­don / epitaph in Brugg: Rescuer of the poor at Neuhof. People’s preacher at Lienhard and Ger­trud. At Stans, father of the orphans, at Burgdorf and Münchenbuchsee, founder of the new people’s school. Educator of mankind. Human being, Christian, citizen, everything for others, nothing for himself.