Czech theologian, pastor, editor, and dissident / 1929-2016 / upbringing in Prague, both parents in the resistance in the Second World War / 1945-1947 with Pitter, built homes for children freed from concentration camps and for German orphans / 1948 school diploma / 1948-52 studied theology at Prague’s Theologian Faculty / 1952 refused to cooperate with state security / 1955-1973 pastor with the Protestant Church of the Bohemian Brethren / represented the New Orientation theological movement, which called for Christian responsibility for public life even in totalitarian systems / 1977 signatory of Charta 77, the petition against human rights violations of the Communist regime / dissi­dent, ac­ti­vist, organizer of seminars in homes / from 1989 work to rebuild the YMCA and Woodcraft League / 1991-94 Editor of the Christian Revue

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ben Skála, Benfoto