Czech theologian and reformer / 1369-1415 / born in Husinec, Bohemia, executed at the Council of Constance / first reformer in the vein of the later Reformation / 1390-96 studies in Prague and magister artium / from 1398 familiarity with Wycliffe’s teachings / 1400 ordination / 1401 dean of the Philosophical Faculty / 1402 professor / 1409-10 rector of Prague’s Charles University / from 1402, growing interest in his sermons in Czech / 1410 burning of Wycliffe’s writings and accusation of Hus by bishop in Rome / 1411 ban / 1412 excommunica­ti­on and expulsion from Prague / 1412 flight / from November 1414, when Hus arrived in Constance under safe conduct, first early Reformed Lord’s Supper in Prague’s St. Martin in the Wall Church: every Sunday for all, including children, as bread and wine sub utraque specie, and in the language of the people