Originally a count’s estate in Upper Lusatia, in the east of the German state of Saxony, near the Czech border, (Czech: Ochranov) / Herrnhut (“Lord’s Protection”) was a new name for the Berthelsdorf estate, which Zinzendorf opened up to the Bohemian Brethren in 1722, who were refugees of faith from Moravia; he granted them asylum and bequeathed it to them upon his death in 1760 / 1727 founding of the Herrnhut Brü­dergemei­ne (Moravian Church) / from 1731 publication of Daily Watchwords / 1895 self-administration, 1929 town privileges / now center of the Mo­ra­vi­an Church, present in 30 countries around the world

Photo: flickr/heyeje