Swiss theologian and reformer / 1504-1575 / born in Bremgarten in Canton Aargau / from 1531 Zwingli’s successor as the Reformer of Zurich / 1516-1522 Latin school in Em­­me­rich and studies in Cologne / 1523-1529 teacher at the Cloister School in Kappel / 1529-1531 pastor in Bremgarten / 1532 with Leo Jud composition of the Zurich Synodal Ordinance / 1549 agreement with Calvin in Consensus Tigurinus / 1552 publication of the Decades, a “house book” about Reformed life suitable for laypeople, which was very popular and translated into several languages / 1561 Confessio Helvetica Posterior, a core confessional document for Reformed churches around the world / most important correspondent of his time, receiving 10,000 and sending 2,000 letters to others including Bibliander, Bucer, Beza, Cal­­vin, Capito, Comander, Cranmer, Farel, Froschauer, de France, Grey, Gesner, Hyperius, Knox, Łaski, Myconius, Ochi­no, Oekolampadius, Olevian, Ursinus, Vadian, Vergerio, Vermigli, Vi­ret, Zwingli and with places including Emden, Debrecen, Marburg, Mem­mingen, Montpellier, La Rochelle, Strasbourg, Westminster