French theologian and pastor / 1917-1987 / studied medicine and theology in Paris / 1937-1938 studied with Barth in Basel / 1940-1943 Ge­neral secretary of the Fédération française des associations chrétiennes d’étu­diants / resistance fighter, helped save numerous Jews during the war / pastor in Strasbourg / 1961-1982 professor for practical theology at the Free Faculty for Protestant Theology in Paris / advocate against the Algerian War / with his wife Dorothée Thurneysen, co-editor of the journal Christianisme Social / symbolic figure for political and social efforts in the name of the Gospel / engagement with the church / support of the liberation struggles of the peoples of Latin America / 1982-87 taught theology at the Protestant Faculty for Theological Studies in Nicaragua / curator at the Musée Jean Calvin in Noyon