Swiss theologian and Anabaptist / 1498-1526 / born as the son of a rural governor from Grüningen, died in Maienfeld of the plague in 1526 / 1511 family relocated to Zurich, attended Carolinum at the Great Minster / 1514-20 studies in Basel, Vienna, Paris / 1522 joined Zwingli / 1523 due to Grebel’s provocation, the Council convened the first Disputation, split from Zwingli due to left-wing Reformation stance toward authorities / 1524 contact with Anabaptists following Manz was well as militant peasants following Müntzer / January 1525 strong Anabaptist activity in Zollikon, October 1525 arrest and imprisonment in Grüningen / March 1526 refuge in Appenzell and Graubünden / 1952 commemorative plaque by Mennonite World Conference to mark Grebel’s home at Zurich’s Neumarkt