Swiss printer / 1490-1564 / from 1515 in Zurich / first Zurich printer of books, 1520-64 around 1000 books with a million copies / March 9, 1522, Zurich Sausage Meal: in his house the first Sunday evening of Lent, a parody of the Eucharist to provoke the Bishop of Constance performed by Froschauer, Zwingli, Jud, and many other prominent town figures / Reformed Sausage Meal was similar to Luther’s nailing of the theses as a legendary catalyst for the changes to follow in 1523-25 / 1531 printing of the first complete German Bible / 1551 purchase of the building complex Zur Froschau, now reflected in the street name Froschaugasse

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Adrian Michael