Swiss-French writer, journalist, and liberal thinker / 1767-1830 / Henri-Benjamin Constant de Re­becque in full / born in Lausanne, where his family settled following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes / 1795 began political activities in Paris, in circles of Madame de Staël, with whom he was romantically tied / 1819-1822 represented Département Sarthe and then 1827-1830 Strasbourg as a deputy / 1830 short-lived triumph of his politi­cal ideas, when Louis-Philippe d’Orléans took power / publication in 1806 of Prin­cipes de politique applicables à tous les gouvernements, 1816 Adolphe, 1824-1830 De la religion considérée dans sa source (five volumes), ses formes et son développement / Adolphe from the novel of the same name is considered the literary prototype of the romantic hero / national funeral on December 12, 1830