Suburb of Cape Town, South Africa / 1981 Allan Boesak head of the Alli­ance of Black Reformed Church Pastors: We unequivocally declare apart­heid a sin and a betrayal of the reformed tradition / 1982 Belhar Confession written in Afrikaans / 1986 adopted by the Dutch Reformed Mis­sion Church in South Africa / from 1989 end of apartheid era / after the 1934 Declaration of Barmen, the second major Reformed confession of the 20th century: for unity of black and white and against apartheid as a principle inimical to God / 2004 founding of the Uniting Refor­med Church of South Africa as a church for all races / 2008 added by the Pres­byterian Church of the United States to the Book of Confes­sions / example of Reformed ideological critique, which can also be pursued with regard to one’s own church

Photo: flickr/ser_is_snarkish