Swiss politician and entrepreneur / 1819-1882 / from the old Zurich family Escher vom Glas / taught by teachers at home, including Schweizer / 1835-1837 Gymnasium, 1837-1842 studied law in Zurich, Bonn, Berlin / 1844 elected to the Grand Council of Canton Zurich as a Radical-Liberal,1847 Zurich’s chief administrator, 1848 cantonal government / 1848-1882 National Council, the new federal parliament / founding in 1853 of the Swiss Northeastern Railway, the ETH Polytechnic in 1855, credit institute in 1856, Gotthard Society in 1871 / held 23 different offices, including the Zurich Church Council, 1849-1855 / Liberal in church matters as well / classical example of the Reformed work ethic: The best in life is indeed work, effort, and exertion. / 1889 monument in front of Zurich’s Main Train Station